Cho’Gath heralds himself as one of the best and easiest-to-play tanks in League of Legends. He’s one of the first champions that was introduced in the game, and since his release, his kit hasn’t been changed much. The Terror of Void still is a beefy frontline champion, equipped with a few crowd control tools that will help your team in fights tremendously.

But with the latest meta shifts in League, it’s not that tough to shut down Cho’Gath. Thus, playing him in a way that is going to turn out beneficial for you requires some thinking and strategy. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the best build for Cho’Gath in League season 12.


### 解決

Grasp of the Undying: As far as tanks go, there’s no better option than Grasp of the Undying. It will play along with your passive ability nicely, which will provide you with enough sustain to survive the laning phase without a scratch. What’s more, it will boost your teamfight efficiency, especially with enough additional health gained through items (which players will have plenty of). There are really no instances where picking something over Grasp will work better for you.

Demolish: While Cho’Gath isn’t favored in a couple of matchups, the champ can still win the laning phase in style, especially after you hit level six. To maximize your potential in the early minutes of the game, players should aim to benefit from taking down turret plating as much as they can. The champion doesn’t have any mechanics to help him destroy structures, though, so choosing Demolish to increase your damage against them should do wonders for Cho’Gath.

Conditioning: This rune is pretty much self-explanatory, like Grasp of the Undying. When choosing the Resolve tree on tanky champions in League, Conditioning is oftentimes a must-have to enhance your survivability and defensive statistics since it gives you armor and magic resist post the 12-minute mark.

Overgrowth: On Cho’Gath, you want to scale as much as you can. With the champion’s ultimate, players will have an excellent way to do so. But to improve his scaling potential even more, picking Overgrowth as the last rune in the Resolve tree is great since it’s going to provide you with additional health. This goes along with Grasp of the Undying perfectly.


Triumph: In teamfights, Cho’Gath will be looking to devour some enemies with his ultimate. And since he’s a frontline champion, he’s going to likely lose a lot of health in the meantime. With Triumph, players will replenish their health once scoring a takedown. And as time goes on, the amount of HP restored will increase.

Legend: Tenacity: While Cho’Gath possesses some impressive CC, the champion himself is extremely vulnerable to getting caught in a crowd control chain. It’s helpful to increase his mobility in skirmishes, so picking Legend: Tenacity is a wonderful way to do so.

Bonuses: +10 percent attack speed, +6 armor, +6 armor

Starting items

Doran’s Shield

As mentioned before, Cho’Gath gains the potential to make solo plays in the top lane after he reaches level six and can deal true damage with his ultimate. Thus, to make it safely to that point, it’s smart to pick an early item that will boost your survivability. And when it comes to this matter, there’s no better alternative than Doran’s Shield. It grants you additional health and health regeneration, simultaneously improving your damage against minions.

Health potion

In today’s meta, you may come across multiple bruisers, lane bullies, or even ranged champions in the top lane. Therefore, to give yourself a little extra health, buying a Health Potion at the start of the game is going to always come in handy.

Core items

Frostfire Gauntlet

When playing Cho’Gath, there are definitely numerous options to go for when choosing your mythic item, and it will oftentimes vary depending on the matchup you find yourself in. Frostfire Gauntlet, however, is currently the best universal option to go for—and it’s for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it will empower your legendary items with an additional 100 health, and increasing this statistic on Cho’Gath is pivotal. What’s more, it boosts your other key stats and grants you a unique passive, which will upgrade your one-vs-one and teamfight potential.


In season 12 of League, AD hyper carries and AD-dealing champions overall have become immensely popular. In most of your games, players will find themselves fighting at least one powerful AD-based enemy. Thornmail is the most efficient way to counter them. You will deal some damage back and apply Grevious Wounds to those targeting you, as well as simultaneously revamping your health and armor.

### 自然の力

能力の力に対する自然の力を持つことは、CHO’GATH上の電力ベースのチャンピオンをADベースのものに対してとどまっていると同じくらい重要です。しかしながら、追加の魔法の抵抗は、このアイテムの最も強い側面ではありません。代わりに、その受動的な感謝のおかげで、それは単にあなたがより多くの魔法のダメージを受けるようにあなたのモビリティを高めるでしょう。 MAGESが中央の車線を規定するメタで、これはほとんどすべてのゲームで完璧に機能します。





特に広告とAPベースのチャンピオンで作られた建てられている場合は、この商品はChoo’gathの素晴らしい選択です。 Gargoyle Stoneplateは60の鎧と60の魔法の抵抗であなたを助けます、同時に15能力が急いでいるので、あなたはあなたの群衆の管理能力をさらに早くスパムすることができます。

それにもかかわらず、このリストの他のアイテムと同様に、Gargoyle Stoneplateはそのユニークな能力のために最も輝いています。パッシブはあなたが損害を受けるときあなたのボーナスアーマーと魔法の抵抗を増やすつもりです。その一方で、アイテムを活性化することは他の盾をあなたに贈るつもりです(それはあなたのボーナスヘルスで成長する)。


最後に、スチールキャップをメッキしました。 Cho’gathのような低モビリティとしてのチャンピオンはブーツなしでは本当に動作できないので、あなたがそれらなしで生き残る方法はありません。ほとんどのシナリオでは、メッキされたスチールキャップは_league_の今日のメタによる優れたオプションです。しかし、特に重いAPチーム組成に対して遊ぶとき、または群衆の管理に満ちたものを弾くとき、代わりに水銀のスレッドを選ぶことを躊躇しないでください。







冷凍心は別の途方もない抗ADアイテムです。 80の鎧を着た、より良い代替品を見つけるのが難しいです。そして、攻撃の損傷に対する抵抗を高めるのに加えて、冷凍された心もあなたの能力急味噌と400マナを助成します。


死んだ男のプレートは、現在のメタのトップレーンチャンピオンの最も有用なアイテムの1つと見なされています。そしてあなたのCho’Gathビルドでは必須ではないが、それはまださまざまな状況では信じられないほど役に立ちます。 300のヘルスと45の装甲を伴うと、それはあなたのピボタル統計を強化しながら、自動攻撃に行くときに追加のダメージを与えます。それは無邪子に直面しているときに大きなピックである。

Randuin’s Omen

私たちが複数回前に言及したように、Choo’gathの目標は、首の敵の命を首の痛みにすることですが、それは聞こえるほど簡単ではありません。 Randuin’s Omenを使えば、プレーヤーはそれらを遅くする機会があります。これにより、CCチェーンがそれらの上にあなたのCCチェーンを解き放つのに十分に脆弱にされるか、またはあなたの究極の究極の相手に夢中になるはずです。



Spirit Visageは、APベースの構成に対してタンクを弾いているときにおそらく最も拾われたアイテムです。そしてそれはまったく事故ではありません。素晴らしい統計(450の健康、10個の能力急速抵抗と40の抵抗性)を提供することとは別に、このアイテムは25パーセントで受信した癒しとシールドを増やします。