After 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, fans of the BioWare-style RPG were left with nothing to sink their teeth into for years. The next Mass Effect game failed to deliver the experience fans of the series were hoping for, and the less said about Anthem _the better. This gap in the market allowed an up-and-coming developer, Spiders, to try to fill that gap with its own new IP. _Greedfall was a direct attempt to give fans of those old RPGs the experience BioWare had moved away from. It was technically rough in many ways, but Greedfall found an audience and plenty fans for being a solid RPG with a unique setting and story.


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That breakout game was successful enough for the team to announce a sequel — or prequel, rather — called Greedfall 2: The Dying World. Aiming to be bigger, more ambitious, and hopefully more technically sound than the first, this new RPG has more competition and higher expectations than the first game. While we still have a lot to learn about this new adventure, we’re excited to begin another expedition to the island of Teer Fradee in this colonial-themed title. Here’s everything we know so far about Greedfall 2: The Dying World.

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## 発売日

The disappointing part about the reveal of Greedfall 2: The Dying World is the release window. No date is set, and all we know is that Spiders intends to deliver the game in 2024. Assuming no delays, that still leaves us with a long wait ahead for this sequel. Clearly, this game is very early on — as we see and learn more, we will get a better idea of when it will come out.


This is another vague area that makes us more confident that Greedfall 2: The Dying World is still quite early in development. Right now, the game is only stated to be coming to “PC and consoles.” PC is great to know, and we would assume a 2024 release window, at the earliest, would make it a current-gen only game, but it does leave room for it to be a console exclusive, timed or otherwise. The first Greedfall was multiplatform, and even got upgrades for current-gen systems, so it’s most likely that PS5 and Xbox Series X and S players will be able to pick this game up.


Greedfall 2: The Dying World was announced with a short trailer that is more of a concept trailer than anything too substantial, and certainly lacks any real gameplay.

We open on some figures in a forest who appear to be praying as a large horned creature approaches, cutting to a colonial man with a gun and an armored dog walking through the grass. The natives of Teer Fradee begin to glow, with more soldiers seeming to approach. We get a nice, up-close look at a smooth, lizard-wolf monster thing ahead of some more natives that encounter the colonials. The two sides stand off, with the colonials outnumbering and outgunning the two natives, before cutting to black and we hear a gunshot.


The trailer ends in the hold of a ship with captured natives being taken to an industrialized city.

That alone all fits within the world and lore set up by Greedfall, but the real details come from official statements about the game. The biggest plot point to note is that Greedfall 2: The Dying World is a prequel to the first game, and will take place three years before the story of De Sardet, your main character from that game. This time around, rather than being an outsider to the island of Teer Fradee, you will play as a native who has been abducted from their home and moved to the main continent, basically completely flipping the script of the first game.

Again, you can expect a complex game of multiple political factions, conflicting powers, and the Malichor plague that was the impetuous of the first game’s plot. After earning, or perhaps taking, your freedom, the game will open up to a sprawling plot that will change based on your actions and choices.


We haven’t seen any glimpses of how the game will play, but again can piece together a few ideas. First, the announcement does confirm that Greedfall 2: The Dying World will be “an RPG that focuses on story and player choice but also includes new gameplay in the form of more tactical combat and revisits the unique universe created by its predecessor.” While combat in the first game was serviceable, we’re glad to hear that they’re looking to revamp it somehow, though it is still unclear just how that will work. We don’t anticipate it going fully turn-based, but perhaps more options for managing your party and giving controls in combat will be implemented.

Jehanne Rousseau監督は、_Greedfall 2:The Dying World_は「より大きく、より多様な環境」を持ち、プレイヤーは「新しい仲間と新しい派ionsと出会う」と述べました。さらに、これは、新しい機能に光を当てるのではなく、私たちが期待することをより多く確認します。戦闘や対話を介して問題を解決するオプションが戻ります。パーティーメンバー、派fact、NPC、およびキャラクターの構築方法は、実際に_greedfall_輝きを発揮したものでした。



## ダウンロードコンテンツ

繰り返しますが、_greedfall 2:The Dying World_のDLCで何が起こるかを推測するために前のゲームを見ることができますが、最初のゲームは、新しいエリア、プロット、敵、ギア、派ion。このタイプの拡張は、このゲームでも簡単に機能し、ゲームの結論の前に新しいクエストとエリアを挿入するか、おそらくこのゲームを最初のゲームとより直接結び付けるために、おそらくその後も挿入できます。ただし、これはすべて憶測なので、公式の言葉をお楽しみに。

## 予約注文

2024年はまだ長い道のりであり、インチが近づいていても、_greedfall 2:The Dying World_の予約注文の詳細は、しっかりした日付が設定されるまでは取得できません。その情報に加えて、可能な特別版やボーナスに関する詳細を入手したら、彼らが持っているものすべてとそれらを手に入れる方法についてあなたを更新します。